The Best New Zealand Produced Web TV Shows You Can Find


YourFixTV is an Internet TV network, we broadcast on multiple channels and create LIVE streamed, on-demand shows and advertising that we broadcast through social media channels.  Our studio is situated in Auckland, New Zealand.

We call it SOCIAL BROADCASTING.  We use social media channels such as Facebook, Periscope and Youtube to broadcast TV styled shows straight to where YOUR audience is watching, on mobile devices and double screening on computers.  Social Broadcasting is the New TV.

How Can You Work With Us?

There are 3 ways you can with with YourFixTV and each of those hase a few options to make it easy for you to find the right fit together.

Broadcast Shows


YourFixTV produces and broadcasts many shows.  You can find out more about our shows here.

These shows are filmed from our studio in Auckland’s K Road and you can be a part of ours or host and broadcast your very own.

Broadcast Knowledge

social broadcasting

Package up your knowledge and broadcast it through LIVE interactive Virtual Live Classrooms (VLC) and on demand content free or behind your own paywall.

Monitise your knowledge now and become a KNOWLEDGE MENTOR online today.

Broadcast Events

LIVE event streaming is available through YourFixTV.  We can broadcast from location with single or multiple cameras as well as provide hosting MC services and promotion.

*Subject to available Internet bandwidth connection.

Advertise With Us

Every show we broadcast has the opportunity to include advertising programming, in most cases, you can show demonstrations or product and services spotlights from 2 minutes, 10 minutes and up to 20 minutes segments.  Get in contact with us to ask about our rates, they are extremely affordable and produce exceptional results.  We have reached over 17.5 million people through Facebook during the past year.